Wrongful Termination Lawyers – New York

New York does not have a cause of action for so-called wrongful termination.  It is an “employment at will” jurisdiction. This means unless a statute or contract is being violated an employer can fire you for a good reason, a bad reason or no reason.  

Fortunately, New York law prohibits many forms of discrimination which creates a cause of action for unlawful termination.  If your termination was due to your age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, citizenship status, obesity, medical history, use of tobacco, marital status, your need to care for a family member, or political activity outside of work (to name only a few unlawful reasons) our attorneys can help win you reinstatement and money damages.  


It is also against the law for an employer to discharge an employee in retaliation for having complained to a supervisor or human resources about being discriminated against.  In fact, these cases may be easier to prove because all you need to show is that you complained about the discrimination rather than proving the employer actually violated a discrimination law.

Many laws prohibit retaliation for raising concerns with co-workers or a supervisor about workplace issues such as matters that affect the public’s safety or the employer’s failure to pay proper wages or protesting sexual harassment of a co-worker.

Because labor and employment law can be complicated, if you think your termination was unfair or unlawful, it is best for you to speak with an experienced attorney to see if you have a case.  Many of these statutes obligate the employer to pay for your attorney if the lawsuit is successful. 

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