Unemployment Discrimination: New York City Prohibited Discrimination Against the Unemployed Lawyer

Employers in New York City are now prohibited from discriminating against unemployed applicants for employment.  Unemployment Discrimination is illegal in New York City for an employer to advertise for only employed applicants.  In an interview, it may be illegal to ask an applicant how long they have been unemployed.   Employers may consider the reason for an applicant having lost their previous job if it bears some relationship to performance, but employers cannot simply discriminate against an applicant who has been unemployed for a long time.  A complaint can be filed with the New York City Human Rights Commission or through a lawsuit filed in court.  If the court finds that the employer has unlawfully discriminated against you because you were unemployed, it can order the employer to hire you and award you back pay, punitive damages, and your attorneys fees.

Unemployment Discrimination: Speak to a lawyer if an employer refuses to hire you because you are unemployed.

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