Pension and Insurance Claims

Cary Kane’s attorneys are here to help you with a retirement claim or insurance claim that you believe has been improperly denied.

You have rights under the law and under the plan of benefits to contest a denial.

Under the Employee Retirement Income and Security Act (“ERISA”) a pension plan must pay you the benefits it has promised. By law, you have an appeal right, and by law you can go to court to enforce your rights. Sometimes the denial is due to a simple mistake by the retirement plan which may not have your correct years of service or some other clerical mistake. Other times, the plan may not have properly followed the plan’s rules.

You also have legal rights for denial of an insurance claim which are like the rights you have under the law for pension claims.

There are time limits under the law and under the benefit plan for appealing and you should act quickly if you believe your rights have been violated.

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