New York City NLRA Workers Rights Lawyer

Under the National Labor Relations Act, (the “NLRA”), workers have the right to engage in what is called “concerted activity for mutual aid and/or protection.”  You do not need a union to be protected.  It is illegal to fire an employee who engages in these types of activities:

  • Talking about wages, benefits and conditions of work with co-workers.   For example, it is illegal for the company to have a rule that prohibits a worker from talking about what he is paid with another worker.
  • Meeting on non-working time on company premises with other co-workers to discuss job issues of mutual concern.  All the workers must be on non-working time to be protected.  Non-working time is different than non-paid time.  Paid breaks constitute non-working time.
  • Two or more employees on their own time meeting with a supervisor or higher up to ask for a wage increase or some change in the policies or practices of the employer.  If the employer disciplines or terminates the employees for asking for the meeting or asking for the wage increase or other changes in policy or practice, the firings are illegal.
  • Two or more employees peacefully walking off the job to protest conditions such as low pay, not enough heat in winter or air conditioning in summer, or unfair treatment by the company or a co-worker.  Firing you for walking off the job under these circumstances is illegal.

Your rights may be different if you are covered by a union contract.  Supervisors do not have these rights either.  These examples are only for non-union workers and your rights depend on the specific facts in each case.

New York City NLRA Workers Rights – If you are fired for engaging in a concerted activity

Call the law firm of Cary Kane right away at (212) 868-6300 to speak to a labor lawyer familiar with the rights you have to engage in concerted activity for mutual aid and/or protection.  Your rights can only be enforced by filing a complaint at the National Labor Relations Board within 6 months of when you were fired so don’t delay.  Call New York City NLRA Workers Rights lawyer from Cary Kane LLP.  Our attorneys will help you gather the evidence you will need to prove your case and file the complaint on your behalf.   The Labor Board can order your employer to reinstate you to your job and pay you lost wages.  We take such cases on contingency, which means we don’t get paid unless you win and get a recovery.