New York City Negotiating or Reviewing Employment Contracts Lawyer

If you are being hired with an employment contract you should consider consulting an attorney to review or negotiate the agreement for you.  Most employment agreements are not negotiated by an attorney for the employee because they consist of the company’s standard clauses, which the company is reluctant to change.  In this instance you should have the proposed employment agreement reviewed by counsel to make sure you fully understand what it means.  When hiring high level positions or employees in industries with a different culture, attorneys are used to negotiate the agreement.  In this instance it might be foolish not to use an attorney to represent you in negotiations.  Call Cary Kane at (212) 868-6300 today to speak with an attorney if you want attorney’s review or negotiation of your employment agreement.

Negotiating and Reviewing Employment Contracts: Key Questions

When it comes to negotiating or reviewing the terms of an employment contract, there are many critical components that employment lawyers look at, including:

  • Is there a pre-determined length of employment, and, if not, what provisions are in place for termination?
  • What kind of non-compete clauses and intellectual property rights are in place?
  • Are there opportunities for alternative dispute resolution, and do these alternatives replace an employee’s right to take issues, such as violations of the agreement or of law, to court?
  • Is a “restrictive covenant” in place? This feature of a contract prevents a person from working for either a competitor or clients of the former employer after termination.
  • What kind of compensation and benefits are in place, including the awarding of bonuses?

As an employee, you may not know to look for these often essential elements of an agreement or know how to best negotiate the terms of an employment contract, which can leave you with a contract that may not work in your best interest.

Discuss Negotiating or Reviewing Employment Contracts with a New York City Attorney

At Cary Kane, our attorneys believe that every employee deserves to be treated fairly by their employer, especially when it comes to the terms of their employment. Make sure your interests are represented and that you get the best deal possible by having a lawyer negotiate or review your employment contract prior to signing it. Call us at (212) 868-6300 to schedule a consultation.