New York City Labor Union Lawyers

Cary Kane’s attorneys have decades of labor law experience representing unions in both the private and public sectors in the New York City area.  We understand labor organizations and the difficult issues and complex problems they face.  Call us today at (212) 868-6300 if your union is looking for a lawyer.

How We Assist Labor Unions

At Cary Kane, we have extensive experience:

  • Negotiating collective bargaining agreements
  • Handling contract interpretation and disciplinary arbitrations
  • Advising about internal affairs, such as officer elections and member relations
  • Defending against breach of duty of fair representation charges at the NLRB, PERB, or in court
  • Handling legal issues relating to industrial action, including strikes, picketing, boycotts, injunctions, organizing, contract campaigns, comprehensive campaigns, and anti-corporate campaigns
  • Handling libel and defamation actions
  • Handling matters at the NLRB, including petitions for certification, decertification and deauthorization elections
  • Fighting raids
  • Filing unfair labor practice charges at the NLRB
  • Representing unions and workers at hearings before an Administrative Law Judge
  • Interfacing with governmental agencies (United States Department of Labor, Internal Revenue Service, state and federal law enforcement) conducting investigations and audits 
  • Representing unions in federal and state court
  • Representing unions and members subject to government monitoring pursuant to a consent decree
  • Handling union mergers and trusteeship matters
  • Handling collective and class actions benefiting workers
  • Representing and counseling multiemployer labor-management welfare and pension benefit plans subject to ERISA and Taft-Hartley

Having a law firm with an experienced team of attorneys who understand both the law and the dynamics of labor-management relations and internal union affairs can make a huge difference in assisting your organization and its elected leadership to be as effective as they can be.

Call a Labor Lawyer in New York City

We are available to act as either general counsel to your union or to give advice about a specific problem or handle a specific case.  To schedule a free consultation, call (212) 868-6300.