Collective Bargaining Negotiations

Cary Kane’s attorneys have tremendous experience with collective bargaining negotiations in both the private and public sectors. We have represented unions in many industries, including: trucking, warehousing, municipal and voluntary hospitals, nursing home, the postal service, defense contracting, building service, newspaper, retail, manufacturing, clothing, laundry and linen supply, security, construction, telecommunications, food service, maritime, airline, private schools and public sector education (elementary through high school), racetrack, daycare, transit, ticket sales, trade show, automobile sales and rentals, bakery, grocery and produce, over the road freight, car wash and government. Often, we are called upon to help with negotiations. Depending on what the union wants, we have served as chief spokesperson, second seated the union’s chief spokesperson, served behind the scenes and reviewed language or drafted language to embody the party’s agreement.


We also work with unions to develop their collective bargaining strategy in advance of the contract renewal. We also participate at ratification meetings with the membership.

While we would never say that in all situations a lawyer should lead the negotiations, because of our breadth of experience and our understanding of what language can mean for contract enforcement, most unions should consider involving experienced counsel in their contract negotiations at whatever level the union believes most useful to it.

We have experience negotiating first contracts, renewal agreements, shut-down agreements, master contracts, independent contracts, and negotiating within the context of an anti-corporate campaign. We have helped labor unions negotiate neutrality agreements with new employers. We have negotiated CBAs covering bargaining units with many thousands of employees and those covering just a handful.

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