New York City Americans with Disabilities Act Attorney

The Americans with Disabilities Act protects employees with significant disabilities from discrimination, provided you can perform the basic duties of the job, which the law calls the “essential” functions of the job. The law requires an employer to reasonably accommodate an employee’s disability.

At Cary Kane LLP, we know how hard it may be to seek help from an attorney when you are being discriminated against, but involving an attorney to convince your employer that it must make a reasonable accommodation to allow you to continue your employment may be the best thing you can do for yourself.

What does the ADA do?

The ADA defines who is disabled and what protections they have. To be disabled you must be physically or mentally impaired in a way limiting one or more major life activities. You are also protected if your employer thinks you are disabled, even if you are not. Protection also exists should you need a reasonable accommodation to care for a family member who is disabled.

An employer cannot make employment decisions, such as hiring, firing or not promoting you, solely because you are disabled. If you request an accommodation, your employer must discuss your request and try to reach a reasonable solution for both you and the company which allows you to continue to work. The employer is required to engage in this interactive process and not doing so is unlawful.

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