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New York City Labor & Employment Lawyer

Employees working in New York are protected by many employment laws. If your rights are violated, our lawyers are here to help you. The telephone (212.868.6300) consultation is free.

  • We litigate in New York and federal courts.
  • Our attorneys negotiate and obtain settlements on behalf of employees and workers.
  • Our law firm handles cases on behalf of individual employees and are willing to bring class and collective actions.

We represent employees with claims of discrimination, sexual harassment, or other improper treatment in violation of labor law. We represent workers not being paid their proper tips, commissions or minimum, prevailing, and overtime wages.

We review severance and other employment agreements for executives, managers and professionals. We will arbitrate and litigate breach of non-compete or confidentiality clauses in employment contracts.  Our employee benefits attorneys represent retirees seeking retirement and pension benefits under ERISA.

Our law firm represents labor unions in every aspect of labor-management relations and internal union affairs. We counsel welfare and pension plans about proper benefit fund administration.  We defend trustees in actions for breach of fiduciary duty and failure to pay a benefit.

Labor & Employment Attorney in New York City

If you work in New York City and are being treated unfairly or illegally in the workplace, Cary Kane may be able to help you. If you are a victim of wrongful discharge, sexual harassment, discrimination, failure to accommodate your pregnancy or grant family medical leave, wage theft or other violations under wage and hour laws, or unlawful retaliation call us.

We are located in midtown Manhattan at Herald Square. Either complete this form or call 212.868.6300 for a free telephone review of your potential case. Fee arrangements can be flexible.

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